Whatever you have in mind
I can make it

My name is Jeremie and I studied to be a 3D artist for video games. As opportunities presented themselves, I bought my first 3D printer in 2018. Since, I have been creating various things from home design to innovative prototypes, although, what I do best still revolves around visual arts!

  • Fanart Figurine

    You can't find a figurine of your favourite video game, movie or show? Make it custom, just the size that fits your budget

  • Hockey Figurine

    An excellent gift for any hockey fan or young athlete with a passion for hockey

  • Family Figurine

    Immortalize a memory, a picture or someone you love in 3D!

Featured Project

  • 3D Printing and Painting Services

    Digitally sculpted, 3d printed, and hand painted creations made just for you, the size that fits your budget.

  • Drawings, sketches and paintings

    It doesn't have to be 3D. I love drawing and creating 2D designs as well. I have been drawing for many years prior to when I started getting into 3D. I also do digital painting and tattoo sketches.

  • Digital 2D/3D

    Follow me on Artstation if you are interested in seeing my Digital portfolio

Indoor and Outdoor Designs